Seasonal Accommodation in Morzine

Choosing the right Seasonal Accommodation in Morzine will make your adventure a cut above the rest….

So you’ve decided that Morzine is the place for you and you’re going to do a season! Good on you! You’ve made the right choice. But now comes the tricky part… Where are you going to live? What seasonal accommodation is right for you? Well don’t worry, that’s where we come in and we are happy to help!

Picking your home is one of the most important parts of making your adventure a success and if you don’t really know the area in which you’re moving to, you can very easily get it wrong. You might want peace and quiet, you might want to be in amongst the activity, you might want to be in a sedate suburb –as far as we’re concerned it’s all about the Location!

Morzine Centre

Many people choose to be in amongst all the fun, and there’s no better place for this than to live right in the centre of Morzine. You’ll have bars, shops and transport links on your doorstep. So it’s ideal if you like going out, socializing and having the odd beer. There are flats (apartments) and complexes above shops, shared chalets and studio apartments a plenty. It’s not for everyone though, in the height of the season it can be noisy, busy and extremely energetic. This is the location for people wanting to have the full, lively, seasonnaire experience

Morzine Outskirts

If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit quieter, you can head out of the centre of Morzine a little bit and there are still hundreds of accommodation options out there for you. If you can cope with a short walk (usually up a hill) then you won’t find it hard to find the accommodation option that’s ideal for you. This option is for people who want to be involved in the hive of Morzine activity but also want to be able to escape from it a little bit. There are chalets and apartments located around the surrounding valley giving you plenty of choice if this is the kind of thing you’re after.

Montriond or Essert Romand

Some people like to separate their home-life from their work-life by living a little further afield. Montriond is popular with seasonnaires, expats and locals because it has its own little community feel whilst being a little bit away from the busy nightlife of Morzine. With a row of shops, bars and popular restaurants it’s also only a short drive away from the popular Lake Montriond and slopes of Ardent and Lindarets. Similarly, Essert Romand (on the opposite side of the valley to Montriond) is popular for its community feel. It has a busy local bar which is very popular with seasonnaires who’ve been here a while. Both are on the main bus routes too so you can get pretty much anywhere whether you have a car or not. If you’re looking to be able to escape from the madness of seasonnaire life these could be the choices for you!

Vallee De La Manche

The road that leads from Morzine, past Nyon and up to the Lac Mines d’Or, is called Vallee de la Manche. It’s laden with chalets and shared accommodation and is ideal if you’ve got a car and want to be away from party vibe of Morzine. In winter, it sees a lot of snow but is really popular if you’re into cross-country skiing (ski de fond). It also has good access to the Nyon pistes and it’s only a short journey back to Morzine if you do fancy getting involved in the fun!


Similarly to Vallee de la Manche, Prodains and the road leading to the main ski lift also offers a wide variety of accommodation options. Near to Morzine, there are a great deal of shared chalets and bedrooms and also studios and apartments. The road nearer to Prodains is great if you want to be able to easily access Avoriaz and in the winter is on the free bus route. If you’re working for one of the big chalet companies, it’s likely they’ll have a chalet here as well so it’s good if you want to be near to work.

Saint Jean D’Aulps

Saint Jean d’Aulps is growing in popularity amongst seasonnaires and expats and is gradually becoming a recognised favourite when it comes to picking somewhere to live. It’s popular with families because of its community feel and medical centre. Its nightlife is also picking up. It has shops, a couple of newly renovated bars and restaurants and is ideal if you want to base yourself out of the centre of Morzine. It’s on the main bus route as well so it can even be an option if you don’t have your own transport.

Now you know a little bit about where you can live, what about accommodation options? From Chalets to shared houses, apartments to studios and bedrooms in big properties there’s a wide choice depending on the experience you’re looking for.


Shared accommodation is for people who want to save money and also want to meet new people. It’s a popular choice for people who want to throw themselves into the seasonnaires lifestyle (often not actually spending much time in bed!!!). For example, you won’t have your own room and will have to share a bathroom. Chalet Bourginon in Morzine sleeps 15 in a total of 6 bedrooms and you’re looking at paying €2,500.00 for a bed in a twin room for the whole season. You can book your own room in a chalet but it’s cheapest and perhaps more fun to take a bed in a shared room! Good luck!


If there’s a group of you – you may want to look at hiring a chalet for the season. It’s almost like creating your own, shared accommodation. It’s great if there are enough of you to spread the cost and might save on having to share with someone you don’t know, if that’s not your cup of tea.


Studio apartments are a great option for couples or people who don’t mind living in tight, contained spaces! Often only consisting of a bed, sofa, small bathroom and kitchen, it’s a pretty basic option. BUT it’s great if you want your own space and don’t fancy sharing. Some of the studios also come with bunk beds in the entrance hall meaning you can really cut the cost if you don’t think you need any space! For a studio in Montriond that sleeps 2 in bunk beds, you’re looking at paying €5,000.00 (plus bills). So that’s not much more than the cost of living in a big shared chalet. It depends if you want to live with strangers or would rather have somewhere to escape if you need to!


There are loads of apartments around Morzine, which are again ideal for couples or small groups of people who are happy to share. They offer a little more room than a studio but also often cost that little bit more. For an apartment that sleeps 4 in 2 bedrooms on the outskirts of Morzine you’re looking at spending approximately €11,000.00 between you for a winter season. If you’ve got a little more to spend and like your space, this could be ideal for you.

As you can see, choosing where you spend your adventure is a really big and important decision. A lot of your employers will offer you accommodation as part of your job package but it’s good to know the score and what to expect before you get here. Prepare yourself…it’s going to be fun! You might not get much sleep, you might get loads! Whatever your accommodation choice, Morzine is ready to welcome you with open arms!

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